Ginger Tea – Health benefits

Ginger Tea – Health Benefits – How to make Ginger tea ( see below)

After a massage session I always offer my clients, along with a glass of water, a nice cup of hot tea. I give options of tea choice which includes Ginger tea. The Ginger root contains a high level of magnesium, Vitamin C and other minerals. Ginger tea is not only renowned for its refreshing taste but for the numerous health benefits as listed;

Stress relief. The aroma of Ginger tea can alter your mood to a relaxed and clam state.

Reduce inflammation. Ginger root has anti inflammatory qualities thus drinking ginger tea can have relieving effect on inflamed joint and tired muscles.

Relieve nausea and motion sickness. Well known benefit of Ginger tea is its ability to suppress nausea. Drinking Ginger tea before a car journey can help keep motion sickness at bay.

Improve Digestion. Food absorption is heightened thus improving digestion performance. A cup of Ginger tea can reduce bloating and prevent belching.

Strengthen immune system. As Ginger is packed with anti-oxidants it helps to strengthen the immune system.

Remedy for menstrual discomfort. Drinking Ginger tea is one method to get relief during the menstrual cycle. Another method is to apply a towel soaked in warm Ginger tea to your lower abdomen.

Combats respiratory problems. Drink a cup of Ginger tea for warding off colds and coughs. Ginger helps loosen phlegm so to relieve congestion.

Encourage good blood circulation. Ginger tea properties including amino acids and mineral can improve good blood circulation to help reduce cardiovascular problems.

Drinking a hot cup of Ginger tea is not only a nice way to gather your senses after a stress relieving massage, it has many health benefits to offer.


How to make Ginger tea.

Ingredients: 4-6 thin slices of raw Ginger / 2 cups of water /

Optional- Juice from lime / tablespoon of honey.

Peel the Ginger and thinly slice 4-6 slices.

Add water & Ginger slices into a small pan and bring to boil.

Then lower heat and simmer for 10 mins before pouring into drinking cups.

For stronger tea add more ginger slices or boil for longer.

Optional is to add fresh lime juice & a tablespoon of honey for taste.

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